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Cavalleria Toscana riders from around the world

Posted November 11th, 2011


Rolf-Göran Bengtsson from Sweden.


Alexa Pessoa from the USA.




Isheau Wong from Asia.



Andreas Schou from Denmark.



Donald Whitaker from Great Britain.




Haysam Eid from the United Arab Emirates



Sarah Mille Krasnik from Denmark



Graham Gilespie from Scotland.



 Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz from Spain.



The young 'Brit Pack' from the UK.



Jens Fredricson from Sweden with Pilar Cordon from Spain.



Yazmin Pinchen from Great Britain.



Samantha Lamb from Canada.



Steffen Peters riding for the USA.



Chloe Vell from Great Britain.



Chiara Billotti from Italy.



Barbara (Bebe) Davis from the USA.



Sharon Hunt from Great Britain.



Spartak Chystyakov from Russia.



Daniel Sherrif from Great Britain.



Eric Lamaze from Canada.

Photography by Kristoff de Pauw.



Virginia Graells from Spain.



Dirk Demeersman from Belgium.




George Whitaker from Great Britain.

Michaela Aman Ricci from Sweden.



Diana Ostariz Oliver from Spain.





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